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Animation In Architecture

This article presents an overview about the use of animation in architecture and how the use of animation techniques in architecture are helping in getting better results.

Architectural animation is actually a name given to a short architectural movie which is created on a computer system with the help of some architectural software. By making use of animation in architecture a building is created on a computer system with all other details such as the surroundings, landscaping and even in some instances moving people and vehicles are also included in the computer generated graphics. In contrast to the traditional architectural design which comprises of only a single image from a single point of view, the model produced with the help of animation in architecture presents a series of hundreds or even thousands of still images. When all these images are collated in a defined manner and the sequence is run again, it creates a movie effect which is quite similar to the real movie camera which a difference that all images are artificially created by computer.

The advantage of using animation techniques in architecture is that it becomes possible to represent the surroundings or the environment around the building and it provides better picture and clearer understanding of the exact location. The result is that there is enhanced reality that helps in convey its relationship to the surrounding area in a better way. The use of animation in architecture is widespread these days as it helps in getting better picture of the project even before the project is built and thus providing designers and stakeholders a realistic view of the completed project.

It is important to know not all the architectural companies have access to the architectural animation techniques because it requires lots of effort time and resources to create so many single still images. Not all design studios can afford the software required to assemble and incorporate them into a moving sequence. In order to produce a good work using animation techniques in architecture, there is a need of a real big team of expert artists and animators as compared to a single renderings and a much longer time frame to complete an animation project. Despite all this, there have been a growing number of architectural companies which are making use of techniques of animation in architecture, due to the fact that architectural animation attracts investors and customers who may not know much about building designs and it is regarded as emerging filed offering good opportunities for a bright future ahead.

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