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Stop Motion Animation Technique

Stop motion animation is basically an animation technique which is used to create physically manipulated things seems to be moving on its own. The things being created are displaced in little increases in between separately clicked frames, thus providing a false impression of displacement when the different individual frames are played in a non-stop sequence manner. It is also referred to as stop action or frame-by-frame and is a good animation technique to make. If you wish to read more about stop motion animation, then read on the complete details presented here. The given review consists of detailed info about stop motion animation technique.

Stop motion animation technique generally make use of figures made from clay because they are quite easy to reposition. The stop motion animation that makes use of clay figures is known as clay animation or clay-mation. The stop-motion animation technology is used is used to represent the animation work developed by physically controlling real-world things and photographing them one frame of film at a time in order to create an illusion of movement. There are so many diverse types of stop-motion animation, which have been are generally named after the type of media used to create the animation. All thanes to the computer software technology, there are so many software packages that can provide you a great deal of help in this type of animation.

There are four main types stop motion animation techniques and some of the main are described here.

Puppet Animation One such kind of stop motion animation is the one which generally compromises of top-motion puppet figures interacting with each other in fabricated surroundings, as opposite to the real-world interaction in model animation. The other kind of stop motion animation is known as cutout animation which is produced by displacing two2-dimensional pieces of material such as paper or cloth. Other common and most used stop motion animation technique are Model animation, Object animation and graphics animation and so on.

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