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3D Animation

3D animation is a kind of motion graphics which is created by making use of different kinds of animation techniques like modeling in clay and plasticine or puppets. These are also created with the help of computer software meant for making three-dimensional characters and scenery.

In other words, 3D animation motion graphics are digitally modeled and/or manipulated images by an animator. For example in order to edit or manipulate a a mesh, the animator is provided a digital skeletal structure which is later on used for controlling the mesh. This entire activity is known as rigging. There are so many other kinds of techniques which can be combined with the 3D animation graphics techniques to make three-dimensional graphics. For example popular and frequently used functions in mathematical like gravity and simulations techniques. Various numbers of 3D animations have been frequently used for creating visual effects in recent movies.

For creating 3D animations, the real life things are created on to the computer screen and then three-dimensional images are manipulated with a virtual skeleton. Whereas in case of two dimensional figure animations, different things and separate transparent layers are used, with or without a virtual skeleton were used. For repressing the physical parts such as eyes, mouth and also the clothes, etc., the images are displaced by the animator on key frames. The differences in appearance between key frames are figured out by the software in a process known as twining or morphing. Finally, the animation is rendered. For the creation of 3D animations graphics, it is very important that all the frames must be depicted when the process of modeling is over. The animations with low bandwidth are transmitted using the internet.

These days the use of the 3D animation motion graphics technology is widespread in carried fields and is commonly used in making of fiction movies across the world.

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