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Motionmedia.org is your one stop resource to get information about motion graphics or computer motion graphics as they are popularly known as. This resource will provide you with the comprehensive information regarding motion graphics which will introduce you to various technologies used in field motion graphics and also about the various application areas where motion graphics are being used.

You will come to know about important details about motion graphics, its application and other advantages. This is a source of wealth of information about motion graphics which is featured here in the form of useful articles here at the site. Read on to know more about motionmedia.org and the kind of info you will get on this online portal.

The topics which are discussed at about motionmedia.org in details are as - Intro to motion graphics, History of motion graphics and animation, Early examples of motion graphics and animation, Traditional animation technique, Stop motion animation technique, Computer animation technique, 2D animation, 3D animation, Particle system in motion graphics, other animation techniques in motion graphics, Animation in architecture and Motion graphics software packages,

So, make best make use of detailed information presented .

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