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Other Animation Techniques In Motion Graphics

There are various other animation techniques in motion graphics apart from the main techniques of animation which we have discussed earlier. In this article, we are going to discuss in brief some more techniques of animation in motion graphics in addition to the traditional animation, stop motion and computer animation techniques. Take a look at the below presented information regarding other techniques of animation. You will get to know useful details to know. It will act as an added advantage because having an idea regarding some more techniques of animation in motion graphics will only help you in refining your skills in animation.

Some of the additional animation techniques are described below:

Drawn on film animation
It is an animation technique in motion graphics in which footage is developed by making the images directly onto the film stock, for example the animation work produced by famous animators Norman McLaren and Stan Brakhage.

Paint-on-glass animation
Another technique from the group of additional animation techniques is the paint-on-glass animation technique which is used for producing animated films. In this technique the slow drying oil paints on sheets of glass gets manipulated.

Erasure animation
The next technique in the series of more techniques of animation in motion graphics is the Erasure animation. In this animation technique for producing motion graphics, two-dimensional medium is used. It involves photographing over time as the artist manipulates the image. William Kentridge is the famous animator using this technique in his charcoal erasure films.

Pinscreen animation
Among other animation techniques which are also popular is the pinescreen animation which uses a screen filled with movable pins, si that it can be displaced in or out by pressing a thing onto the screen. The screen is illuminated from the side in order to cast shadows by pins. The technique has been used to produce animated films where textural effects were really not easy to produce using the traditional cel animation techniques.

Sand animation
In this type of animation, the sand is moved around on a back lighted or front lighted piece of glass in order to make each frame for an animated film. An interesting effect is produced when animated due to the contrast lightening.

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