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Particle System In Motion Graphics

Particle system in motion graphics is a type of technology meant for creating multiple animated elements. It is also one of the most commonly used tools of motion graphics. The particle system tool of motion graphics is available in various forms like in the form of an additional plug-in, stand-alone application, or might be available as an integrated part of a motion graphics package.

The particles in the motion graphics particle system are the points in three- dimensional or two-dimensional environment that can be shown by a large variety of station and animated things like a ball of light, a video clip, or a selection of text and so on. The generation of particles in the particle system in motion graphics is done by a device known as a particle emitter. The particles can either be generated in small quantity or in thousands taking in account the requirements of the project for which the particles are being generated. Also, just to tell you more about particle system tool of motion graphics, the device used for the generation of particles can be of various kinds. For example, a particle emitter can be in the form of a single point, a line, a grid, a plane or a thing like a box or a sphere although there can also be used a custom object which can act as an emitter, like a logo, which for example, can be exploded, melted, or transformed into blowing sand.

The other examples of particle emitter devices where individual particles get generated are- a blurred sphere which can also be used in greater number so that to create effects of smoke or fog and a video clip of an individual who can be duplicated to create a crowd scene.

The particle system in motion graphics where particles are generated as a single item, is usually done in large numbers, like when creating an effect of smoke or rain. The particles in such systems are controlled with the help of directional forces, virtual wind and gravity, things created to attract or repel them. The other deciding factors which help in controlling the particles can comprise other objects such as changes in color, size, or transparency. Based upon the system needs, one can also combine multiple simultaneous emitters, such as when simulating an explosion that combines fire, smoke and flying debris.

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